Creative Pumpkin Wreath Challenge
Creative Pumpkin Wreath
Join us for our fall challenge from September 16th - 18th where we will create a wispy fall floral design, with twigs and pumpkins!
Perfect for Beginners
Join the Fun!
Creative Pumpkin
Join us for our fall challenge from September 16th - 18th where we will create a wispy fall floral design, with twigs and pumpkins!
Join the Fun!
Perfect for Beginners

Do big pumpkins scare you?
Teaching you the love of floral design!
Fun Lessons
All lessons will be hosted September 16th, 17th and 18th in a private Facebook group where we will have fun creating together in a party atmosphere! The videos will be available for one year in the private Facebook Group.
Simple Supplies
Instant access to the supply list when you join the challenge! Supplies are easily available and we'll even show you how to work with what you have on hand. And I'll show you how to match florals and greenery for a fall pumpkin project.
Easy to Complete
We're taking out the fear of using large pumpkins in floral design! We will learn about wispy fall floral design, how to work with with twigs and artificial pumpkins, making them look real in floral design. Set aside an hour each day to create this beautiful fall wreath!
Q&A Sessions
During the challenge, we will host daily question and answer sessions where you can ask about the project, the previous live or recorded videos. You'll learn things like making attachment of large artificial pumpkins easy, and secure!
We'll make sure you get the help you need!
Join the FUN!
Here's All You'll Need:
Wreath bases
Eucalyptus leaf spray
Orange and yellow accent flowers
Artificial pumpkins & gourd
We will send you a complete supply list as soon as you join the challenge!
Event Schedule
Join the party!
Day 1
Thursday 9-16-2021


10:00 am CST: Welcome Party (class overview)

2:00 pm CST: How to Match Pumpkins to Florals

4:00 pm CST: Pumpkin Bow Making

7:00 pm CST: Pumpkin Centerpiece
Day 2
Friday 9-17-2021


10:00 am CST: Daily questions and answers

2:00 pm CST: Pumpkin Lantern Swag

4:00 pm CST: Pumpkin Candle Stick

7:00 pm CST: Pumpkin Door Swag

Day 3
Saturday 9-18-2021

10:00 am CST: Daily questions and answers

2:00 pm CST: Pumpkin Stacks, quick and easy shop fillers

4:00 pm CST: Making the Pumpkin Large Wreath

7:00 pm CST: Pumpkin Party Finale (Bonus Project)
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Creative Pumpkin Wreath Challenge
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Replays available for 1 yr
Frequently Asked Questions
What if I can't join live?
We'd love for you to attend as much as possible in person (it's SO much more fun that way), but all the replays will be available for you in the group as well.
What if I can't find the supplies?
In the supply list, we include links to purchase all of the supplies online. AND... we will show you how to create this design with other supplies so you can see how easy it is to take and make your projects your own.
How long will I have access to the videos?
You'll have access to the videos in the Facebook group for one full year so you can watch them as many times as you like!
I have another question.
Sure thing! Our Customer Service team would be happy to answer any other questions you have. Just reach out to them at
Yes, I'm in!
Online Workshop
Perfect for new wreath makers, or experienced floral designers who want to learn more!
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About Kelea
Kelea was been inspired by her Mother Cecele and Grandmother Louise and all the flowers they grew.

She founded Kelea's to share her passion for floral dΓ©cor, holiday decorating, and floral design with others.

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Join Kelea for this online challenge and learn the creative art of working with twigs and artificial pumpkins!

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